Tina Dixon, LMT 12079
Professional Massage Therapy


"I suffered from TMJ for years and Tina is the only therapist who did not inflict pain on me during and after treatment.  Her technique was gentle but effective and I did not have to take NSAID after treatment. "  JB from Columbia, SC


"I was visiting my parents from Colorado and was having terrible issue with my TMJ.  Tina treated my issue gently but effectively.  I was able to open my mouth fully without pain.  What a wonderful feeling to be able to bite into a cheeseburger without pain!  I highly recommend Tina."  ML from Denver, CO


"I suffered from low back pain for many years.  Tina used cupping and her magical hands to give me relief.  Wonderful." DD from Lexington, SC


"I had breast cancer years ago and had several surgeries.  The build up of scar tissues caused a lot of discomfort and breathing restrictions.  At times I get cramping on my side (side of cancer surgery) that it takes my breath away.  It felt like I was being squeezed in my ribs.  Tina used machine cupping and one treatment gave me the relief i needed.  I CAN BREATHE again!  I will definitely go back to her again for more treatment as maintenance.  I feel normal after 13 years." RTD from Lexington, SC